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One of the most effective forms of advertising. You don't have to pay a newspaper, printer, or street team.
The recipients are all past ticket buyers. So the marketing goes directly to the correct customers. I have actually seen a dramatic difference in sales as a result of email blasts. A show might be tracking at 20 tickets a day, I create a feature rich email blast for the show with lots of media content. I send it out, and over the next day or so, the daily sales spike to over 300 a day.

  • Email blasts are especially effective during a presale, as the recipient feels they have recieved some insider information
  • Great as a way to boost sales on a slow show.
  • Venues and radio stations usually agree to send to thier lists. So this is more free advertising.
  • Deep links to buy tickets. One click and the customer is at the page where they buy. Great for those impulse buyers.
  • If the email blast has links to great content, it may get passed along to friends.
  • You don't have to pay a newspaper, printer, or street team.
  • We conform to all can spam rules.
  • Emails can be sent from our dedicated email server.

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